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Windows XP Tips Index

What do you mean by Windows Messenger Service?

How do I alter the default size and quality of thumbnail images?

Why don't the Resize Pictures dialog appear sending picture to mail?

How to activate a window by moving cursor over it without clicking on it?

Error message "Files that are required for windows to run properly have been replaced..."?

How can I change the physical location of "My Documents" folder?

How to increase the Quick Launch bar icon size?

Why does Explorer display some files in blue color and some in green?

The top-level menus and tabs in Task Manager are missing?

Cannot Open E-Mail Attachments in Outlook Express?

How to safe-guard my system from spyware?

How do I change my default e-mail client?

How do I show or hide an user account in the Welcome Screen?

Is there any way I can show the date on the Taskbar with the time?

How to hide the "Files stored on this computer" from My Computer window?

Configuring a program to run at Windows startup

Removing unwanted Auto play handler

Task Manager User Name column is empty

Quick Launch settings are not saved; Search Assistant Toolbar in Taskbar

Recent Documents list is cleared on each reboot?

History pane in Internet Explorer is blank; View and Search buttons are missing

"Error loading C\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\bridge.dll" at startup

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP?

Open folders in Windows Explorer mode by default (i.e. with folder pane enabled)

Download anti-spyware reference files locally and apply to other computers

"Show Desktop icons" and other options missing in the Desktop right-click menu ?

Using Task Scheduler to schedule the computer to shut down and restart at a specific time

"Switch to Classic View" option is missing in the Control Panel Common Tasks

Unable to preview JPG GIF and HTM files in Display Properties dialog

Clear Recent documents history, Run, Open/Save box MRU and Typed URLs

How do I add the Windows Update shortcut to the XP Start Menu

Transfer your Help and Support Center favorites to another system

Customize the logon screen wallpaper, screensaver and other settings using Tweak UI

Enable or disable Common Tasks pane in folders

Internet Shortcuts does not open in a new window?

Uninstall and reinstall MS Paint in Windows XP

Clear the "Search for files and folders" history in Windows XP

Remove "Help and Support" link from XP Start Menu

Enable or disable the unread mails display in the Welcome Screen

Prevent MSN Messenger from automatically launching at startup

Resize Image files with a right click menu

Hide the Scheduled Tasks and Printers folder in the network share view

Configuring internet based applications to use the AnalogX Proxy

"Lock the Taskbar" option is grayed out in Taskbar properties

Error "Automation server can't create object" while changing the User Account picture

Web tab missing in the Customize Desktop dialog

Error "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page" in Help and Support Center

Error "Administrator has denied permission to use Windows Messenger" while inviting someone to help you using Remote Assistance

Internet Options dialog opens when you click the Start Menu Internet link

Some applications in Add/Remove Programs list are missing Change and Remove buttons ?

Internet Explorer desktop icon changed to dark blue "e" ?

"Exporting of favorites has been disabled on this machine" error using Import Export Wizard in IE

Clicking "Related Topics" and other hyperlinks cause "Cannot display the page" error in Help and Support Center

Clear the Help and Support Center session History

How to use Group Policy to configure auditing of Windows registry keys in XP Professional?

Unable to remove the Thumbnail image for system folders in Windows XP?

How to add a custom website under Themes list box in Windows XP?

Incorrect or generic folder icon assigned to the Recycle Bin

Internet Explorer "About" box is completely blank; Unable to type in text boxes in websites

Folders name with random characters appear after installing a Service Pack or hotfix?

Relocate the "Temporary Internet Files" folder to a different drive

How to customize a folder icon in Windows XP?

Taskbar Toolbar options are grayed out?

User Accounts applet background is in White even with XP Theme enabled

Change the default image editor application, invoked from Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

Incorrect or generic Windows icon displayed for a Drive in My Computer

ToolTips do not display complete information about files that are located on a network share

Description of the Low Disk Space Notification in Windows XP

Turn off AutoComplete for Windows XP Search Companion

Ripping CDs using Windows Media Player 10

Watermark image in My Pictures and My Music folders

Configure Internet Explorer to open Office documents in the appropriate Office program

Alter the picture Slide show timings in Windows XP

Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur

Determine the current system uptime

Enabling Remote Assistance in the client computer

Take a complete registry backup using ERUNT

Disable Balloon Tips in the Notification area

How to generate a startup log using MSINFO32?

How to extract a system file from the Windows XP CD-ROM?

How to show file extensions for all file types?

How to add the "Connect To" option to my Start Menu ?

Clearing the file and URL history in Windows Media Player

How to backup Outlook Express data?

Show or hide Windows version info on the Desktop

How to make Windows XP Search Companion default to the All files and folders option

Windows XP Service Pack 2 - Tips Index

Pop-up Blocker option is missing under the Tools menu in Internet Explorer

Restrict users from enabling or disabling Internet Explorer add-ons

Security Center alert on every startup - Windows XP SP2

Multiple instances of "ESENT" in the Event Log - Windows XP SP2

Allow active content to run in files on My Computer - Windows XP Service Pack 2

Information bar appears while downloading a file - Windows XP SP2

Always allow Pop-ups for Secure sites (HTTPS) in Windows XP SP2

"This add-on is managed by your administrator" message while managing an add-on in XP SP2

Windows XP Service Pack 2 - Information

Right click causes an error and crashes Explorer.exe after installing Windows XP SP2?

Reset the Add-on usage statistics in Internet Explorer - Windows XP SP2

How to reset Windows Firewall settings in Windows XP SP2

How to disable the Security Center in Windows XP SP2 ?